Music Composed by Annette Christensen

Sheet Music Available for:

       Piano Solo             String Orchestra      


Piano Solo piece (Piano Dreaming Series - suitable for advanced piano players)

PD1           Drift                   

String Orchestra Pieces (suitable for developing school orchestras)

Level 1     (Beginner)

TMG5        Sunny Side Up

Level 2    (Intermediate)

TMG9       A Day to Shine      

TMG2        Spiccato Shark! (aka "The Shark Song!")                    

TMG6        Voyage                 # Music Fest 2013 Set Piece for C Grade High School

TMG7       Sunshine Groove 

TMG8       Reflections

Level 3     (Intermediate-Advanced)

TMG1        Swirl

TMG3        Dusty Boots     

TMG4        Angel

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