Piano Dreaming Series

Piano Dreaming Series is a collection of evocative contemporary piano pieces, for players of an advanced standard. 

Evolving from Annette's improvisations at the piano, the pieces are expressive, poignant and powerfully beautiful.

PD1 "Drift" for Piano

"Drift" is available to purchase as a PDF

PD1 Drift for Piano - first page sample.pdf PD1 Drift for Piano - first page sample.pdf
Size : 41.934 Kb
Type : pdf

You may be interested in listening to "Hope" for Piano - a free download for you! Composed and performed by Annette.

Hope.mp3 Hope.mp3
Size : 3469.846 Kb
Type : mp3
Annette's piano music is also available on her piano website: www.pianodreaming.com