String Orchestra

The Music Garden String Orchestra pieces are suitable for developing school orchestras.

Level 2     (Intermediate)

TMG9  "A Day to Shine" for String Orchestra                        
"A Day to Shine" is a celebration piece, depicting both gentle happiness and joyful exuberance.

The depth of colour and rhythmic energy of "A Day to Shine" is surprisingly achievable, even with younger players, due to the use of ostinati and patterns repeated across the strings.  
Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3 (Viola T.C.)  Viola  Cello  Double Bass
Performance Time: 3'20          
TMG2  "Spiccato Shark!" for String Orchestra                         There's a shark in the water...

"Spiccato Shark!" sprang to life from a very short teacher improvisation at the end of a group strings class. At the next lesson, those students asked to learn how to play "the shark song", wanting to know how to use their bows to achieve the 'shark' sound.

Written in G minor, "Spiccato Shark!" is also a great piece for introducing/re-inforcing half-position work (extensive for 1st Violins and Double Bass; limited sections for 2nd Violins.
All sections of the orchestra have their turn playing the shark theme, with its driving rhythm and spiccato bowing.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Viola  Cello  Double Bass
Performance Time: 1'40

TMG2 Spiccato Shark! for String Orchestra.mp3

TMG2 Spiccato Shark! - first 2 pages.pdf TMG2 Spiccato Shark! - first 2 pages.pdf
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TMG6  "Voyage" for String Orchestra                                  
# Music Fest 2013 Set Piece for C Grade High School

Sail the seas!

An emotive, resolute piece in triple time, "Voyage" showcases expansive, robust bass lines teamed with beautiful, modal melodic lines.
The Second Violins will love the segments of energetic, accented sequences, accompanied by a dramatic quaver pulse in the Violas.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3 (Vla T.C.)  Viola      Cello  Double Bass
Performance Time: 2'36"

TMG6 Voyage for String Orchestra.mp3

TMG7  "Sunshine Groove" for String Orchestra                       With rhythmic influences from the Caribbean, this delightful canon will carry you away!

The laid-back style of "Sunshine Groove" has contrasting long notes/short melodic fragments heard throughout the Violin and Viola sections. Violin 3 retains the voicing of Violin 1 and Violin 2.
The Double Bass and Cello sections provide an ostinato foundation. This effective major/minor groove is performed sempre pizzicato.
The Percussion and Piano parts are highly recommended, as they help to complete the character of "Sunshine Groove".

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3  Viola  Cello 
Double Bass  Tambourine  Claves  Congas  Piano
Performance Time: 1'57"

TMG7 Sunshine Groove for String Orchestra.mp3

TMG8  "Reflections" for String Orchestra               "Reflections"for String Orchestra is a sonorous piece with meditative and contemplative qualities. 

Employing canonic properties, "Reflections" encourages warmth of tone and beautiful bowing.
For developing orchestras, the challenges of D minor intonation are well-contained in short, repetitive sections.  An optional Easy Violin/Viola part is provided.
The Double Bass line provides the chordal foundation throughout and may be performed by Cello.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3 (Vla T.C.)  Viola 
Easy Violin/Viola (Opt) Cello  Double Bass 
Performance Time: 1'44"

TMG8 Reflections for String Orchestra.mp3