String Orchestra

The Music Garden String Orchestra pieces are suitable for developing school orchestras.

Level 3     (Intermediate-Advanced)

TMG1  "Swirl" for String Orchestra                                           

An atmospheric piece in E minor and triple time, "Swirl" for String Orchestra features melodic lines and lush chordal structures that swirl back in on themselves.

The contrasting middle section provides moments of poignancy and joy, highlighted in the soaring melodic line of the First Violin section.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Viola  Cello  Double Bass       Performance Time: 2'50"

TMG1 Swirl for String Orchestra.mp3

TMG3  "Dusty Boots" for String Orchestra
Imagine walking along the dusty streets of a country town or wandering about an old-time fair...

"Dusty Boots"for String Orchestra is a charming piece with a light country/western flavour. The Cello and Double Bass sections carry the 'walking' theme, which is offset by the catchy melodies heard throughout the Violins and Violas.

The First Violin part features some third-position work (with occasional links to higher positions) as well as moments of improvisatory-style melodic fragments.  Easier playing options are also presented throughout the First Violin part.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3 (Vla T.C.)  Viola  Cello  Double Bass
Performance Time: 5 minutes

TMG3 Dusty Boots for String Orchestra.mp3

TMG4  "Angel" for String Orchestra                                    
"Angel" for String Orchestra is a beautifully flowing piece in 6/8 time, featuring vocal-style melodies and a mixolydian tonal centre.

Essential to the Celtic-inspired piece is the earthy foundation provided by the Double Bass. Whilst relatively simple, the Bass part features moments of drone accompaniment and a small amount of double stopping. A Cello (Bass) part is provided.
The Cello and Viola parts are quite active, with sweeping semi-quaver passages which utilize the entire first-position range of both instruments.
The Second Violins carry the melody, with First Violins shadowing in unison or octave higher (requiring confident third-position playing, with occasional use of the high E in fourth position.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Viola  Cello  Double Bass
Performance Time: 2'50"

TMG4 Angel for String Orchestra.mp3