String Orchestra

The Music Garden String Orchestra pieces are suitable for developing school orchestras.

Level 1   (Beginner)

TMG5  "Sunny Side Up" for String Orchestra                        
"Sunny Side Up" is a joyful piece, featuring catchy melodies and syncopated rhythms.  Presented in a 'call-and-response' style, the 'response' sections are made up of the notes E G G - hence the title of the piece!  This simple response is accompanied each time by the lovely, changing harmonic backdrop of the piano.

An exciting performance opportunity is to allow recent beginner strings students to play with the established string orchestra.  The beginner students need only the notes E and G on the D string and a couple of open strings. The beginner parts may be easily performed from memory.

Instrumentation: Violin 1  Violin 2  Violin 3 (Vla T.C.)  Viola  Cello  Double Bass  Piano (opt)
Performance Time: 1'54"

TMG5 Sunny Side Up for String Orchestra.mp3